• Which ingredients are used during production?

Every ingredients used by BÄUM are 100% natural and carefully selected to meet high quality standards. You will find the complete list of ingredients for each product in their respective facts sheet. We are proud to tell you that none of our products contain sulfates, paraben, dye, fragrance or artificial preservatives.  

  • Do our products have an expiry date?

Like any cosmetic product, our products have an expiry date. Once opened, the product can be used for 6 months. 

  • Are there any restrictions while using the products? 

Our products are designed for external use only. Pregnant and/or nursing women, young children and people with health problems should ask their doctor's advice before using any medicinal plants or essential oils. 

  • I am vegan, do you offer an alternative to your balms containing beeswax? 

Indeed, we offer a vegan option on all our products. However, colours and textures may vary depending the ingredient used. Beeswax creates a smooth and creamy balm while vegetable wax creates a light and shiny balm. Depending on your preference, you can purchase the vegan option for 1$ extra.   


  • Can I offer one or more products as a gift? 

Absolutely! During checkout, you will have the option to customize your package, allowing you to offer a unique gift, even remotely. Visit our "Home" page for more information. 

  • What is the return/exchange policy? 

Don't worry! If for some any reason you want to return your purchase, it must not have been opened and must be returned no later than 1 week after its reception. Return shipping fees are at your expense. Once the security seal is broken, we will not accept any returns and will not offer any refunds since they are cosmetic products.

However, if we made a mistake in your package/gift or if the product is damaged upon receipt, we will gladly send another one for free. If such a situation occurs, simply send us an email at  

  • Where can I get my invoice?

We favour a "paperless" approach to preserve our forests. This is why you will receive your invoice by email. 


  • Where do you ship? 

Great news! No matter where you are, you will be able to put your hands on BÄUM products. We ship internationally.  

  • How much is shipping?

It's very cheap! Delivery is available throughout Canada for 2$, in the US for 4$ and internationally for 6$ per package. 

Please note that each package can contain 5 balms. 

  • How long does shipping normally take?

We will process your shipment one day following receipt of payment. Delays stipulated by Canada Post are 5-7 business days for Canada, 7-9 business days for the US and 9-14 business days internationally.